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10+ Purple and red coffin, stiletto nail design that you should save at Trio Nail Lounge

Firstly, you need to keep your nails healthy from the inside out. This involves the foods you consume daily. Nutrition plays an important role in the functioning of our bodies from the tips of your fingers to your toes. In fact, your nails can tell a lot about your nutritional status. You should eat the right foods to take care of your nails. When it comes to the best foods for strong and beautiful nails, these names will be listed for sure. Check them out below and try to add them to your diet!
Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, fish (like salmon, trout, tuna) is an excellent source of proteins and sulphur. Omega-3 fatty acids can help lubricate and moisturize your nails, giving them a shiny appearance. If you happen to have thin and brittle nails, then this one's for you.
Nails are primarily made of a fibrous structural protein called keratin. When we’re lacking protein our nails become brittle and discoloured. Eggs are not only a high source of protein but also vitamin B12 and biotin to increase fingernail thickness.
The calcium, iron and antioxidants in dark, leafy greens like spinach, broccoli, kale and collard greens can boost nail health. Carrots, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, and other yellow veggies are packed with vitamin A which help keep your nails shiny and avoid dryness.

Nail salon 78248 | Trio Nail Lounge | San Antonio, TX 78248
Nail salon 78248

Incorporating oil into your manicure routine after trimming and filing all of the brittle and dry parts of your nails will give your nails some much-needed nourishment. This almond extract oil, which has vitamins B-5 and E, gives your nail beds and cuticles an extra conditioning and hydrating treatment.

These DIY manicure sets will let you perform daily nail maintenance easily and deliver truly effective salon-quality results to you in a second. Wanna bring a little bit of pampering to your homes? Then the best professional manicure tools as well as essential cuticle oils have got you covered! When you are ready to start, have all the items laid out in front of you. We recommend setting yourself up on a clean, flat surface. If you’re in the mood to make it a nicer experience, turn on some fun music or choose relaxing tunes to create a more spa-like atmosphere.

Nail salon 78248 | Trio Nail Lounge | San Antonio, TX 78248
Ombre nails from nail salon San Antonio

Mauve Nails
Do you want to dress up your nails in one of the most mysterious shades ever? You must have considered mauve nails! This winter, paint your nails mauve for a flawless look. Mauve is one of the most unusual and beautiful shades that are highly popular these days. It’s a gorgeous, muted shade of light purple that has a slight tinge of grey. Not too bold, not too pink, not too purple. This gorgeous and elegant hue is quite muted and creates a posh and autumnal mood. Moreover, it still looks so good in the early winter. This special nail color will undoubtedly be perfect for both daytime and cocktail parties after work.

Nail salon 78248 | Trio Nail Lounge | San Antonio, TX 78248

Emerald Green with Gold Foil Nails
Glam up your nails with emerald shade! These deep, vivid green nails are just begging to debut at a Christmas party! Emerald tones are more than welcome in the winter time. Not only emerald but different shades of green give off strong winter vibes. Just look at how the world sparkles with green hues on Christmas trees, holly, ivy, and mistletoe in the holiday season, anyone can say that green is the color of Christmas. Emerald nails are sophisticated, polished-looking, and utterly chic. Do you know that emerald green and gold make such a good combination? If you’re thinking about it, go to an upscale nail lounge and do your nails in a wonderful deep green shade.

Nail salon 78248 | Trio Nail Lounge | San Antonio, TX 78248

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